Asalamu alaykum brothers and sisters! Today I am going to be talking about Sadaqah. If I say Sadaqah, for people out there who just heard the meaning super briefly it would mean to you to smile at any person who makes any eye contact. Yes you are right but same with my previous post… ‘Why do you smile at a random person who might’ve accidently looking directly into your eye?!’

Well the answer to that is…. WHY WOULDN’T YOU?! I would love it if a person smiled at me for no absolute reason! Even in the movie ‘Annie’ she sings ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile!’ It shows some people that there is still some happiness in this world. If you have had a really bad day at work, say you have got fired and you think that people are and forever will be heartless, all you want is a nice smile or even a conversation about happy thngs to cheer you up. Not saying you should talk to a random person who looks sad to you. What I am saying is that you should smile ad who knows? You might just brighten someones day. Sadaqah doesn’t always have to do with smiling. You can do a good deed and that’ll be counted as sadaqah. Sadaqah wipes out sins just like water extinguishes fire. Our Propet Mohammad said himself ‘Wealth is never diminished by giving Sadaqah.’

Wow! This post is shorter than I thought it would be but anyways. Allahhafiz!

Zakat, Sadaqah: Zakat

Asalamualaykum brothers and sisters! Today we are going to be talking about Zakat. When I say Zakat, the immidiate thought is ‘money’ because when you give zakat, you give money. Am I right or am I right? But the question is, why do we give is zakat? Well, the answer to that question is right over here! And a couple of other questions…

Zakat is one of the major religious duties in Islam. Literally, zakat means to “purify”. It refers to the purification of a believers’ wealth and soul. Wealth purification denotes the mobilization of assets for the purpose of financial growth and justified distribution. Purification of the soul implies freedom from hatred, jealousy, selfishness, uneasiness and greed. Other Quranic connotations also include the purification of sin.

In a way, you are right when you say that Zakat is giving money. But, you are wrong as well. Zakat is giving money to the poor wherever you go. Whether you’re in Southall or just on the streets, I don’t know about you, but it melts my heart and makes me realise how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, good food and a family that loves me and supports my every action. There are some people who are absolutely heartless and just walk right past them and not have any feelings of sympathy. When you give zakat, it’s about the love that goes from the bottom of your heart to the thoughts how your love and money will give another person a nice house with good food. Just think, you will save either a child or an adult or even a whole family from malnutition or even worse… Death!


Zakat need only be paid on those assets that exceed a minimum value. This minimum value is calculated based on the market price of 85 grams of gold or 595 grams of pure silver. This minimum value is termed Nisab. The Islamic Fiqh and Research Councils, as well as Jumhur (majority) of Ulama’ recommend that gold be used as the basis for the calculation of nisab.

Please! There are people out there who are seeking for human kindness! I ask you to let the seek no more. Show them human kindness. Not only will Allah (subhanawattaallah) be happy with you, you will be satisfied with yourself that you showed someone that not everybody is heartless.

I know it was a short post but I hope this tells you a little something.

Allah hafiz!


Well hello there brothers and sisters! My name is Minahel and I just love music! I am Muslim and I am proud to be one! I have a cranky sister who annoys me so much but I still love her. Then there is my mom. My beutiful, loving mom. She isn’t the most amazing person at keeping her wardrobe clean, but she tries! Then there is my dad. He works so hard that I can’t believe that even after the late shift, he always has a heart-warming smile to melt our hearts. There is my grandad. I love him so much that being without him for 1 minute hurts my heart. He is exactly like his son (my dad). Caring, loving, peaceful, calm and the best person anyone could wish for! Then there is me. Just a 13 year old with a family that I love with all of my heart.

As I said, I love music. Most songs I listen to are nasheeds. The songs I listen to are like a halal remix of the original song. The channel who I love listening to the most are ‘Deen Squad’. They make they make the most amazing remixes. There are a couple of nasheed writers that I love. ‘Mahir Zain’ and ‘Atif Aslam’. My most favourite song of Mahir Zain is ‘Number One For Me’. As for Atif Aslam, ‘Tum Hi Ho’ is one of his best. The song I love which is from the both of them is ‘I’m Alive’. I also love taking pictures of breathtaking veiws. They are just one of those things which you HAVE to take a picture of. For example, the sunrise and sunset are just mesmorising. Another thing which I should do everyday is read quran. I do it once in a while but I should do it everyday. The good thing is that I know Surah Rahman off by heart! But the thing is that I know what to say only when the person says it with me. Otherwise, I am a mess! I use Quran Explorer. Helps me memorise.

The reason why I created a blog is because when I was younger, I dreamed of having my own blog or youtube channel so I sat on my bed and looked in the mirror and spoke my opinion on whatever was happening. Or, I used to place my little stuffed bear in front of me and pretended that someone was actually listening to my opinions. At the time, the only thing which kept on popping up on the news was ‘terror attacks by muslims’. When I was younger, I had a LOT to say about these terror attacks so I decided to ask Mum and Dad if I could create my own blog or youtube account. They said to me ‘When you are older’. I wouldn’t blame them, I was only 8. Now I am 13, they allowed my to have my own blog and thank goodness for that!

So you can see I am not that kind of SUPER religious muslim.

Till next time my lovlies!

Allah hafiz!

The opinions start from the next post.